Making Payments

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Pay staff and suppliers quickly, simply and securely through Bacs

Enjoy all the benefits of using Bacs Direct Credit to make payments into a bank or building society account by electronic transfer. 

Get all the backup of a Bacs approved bureau taking care of your payments, so you can control your payments with confidence.

Cashbacs secure web portal

With a click, submit payments you need to make and get details about payments you’ve made.

  • A cloud-based system that’s easy to use.
  • No need to buy, install or maintain Bacs software.
  • Access your payments at any time and anywhere.
  • Accepts files from all major finance software.
  • Meets HMRC RTI requirements for payroll.

Expertise and care

With a call, get help on any aspect of your payments, from 8.30am to 7pm on all English banking days.

  • Expertise on every aspect of Bacs Direct Credit.
  • The experience and contacts to resolve issues - fast.
  • Myth-busting advice and translation of bank jargon.
  • Alerts and reminders to help you plan your payments.
  • Perfect for businesses for whom Direct Access to Bacs would not be cost effective.

Whether you’re a large or small business, or a payroll company looking for a Bacs bureau partner, find out how we can take care of your payments.

How it works

You’ll need a Service User Number (SUN) to make payments through Bacs Direct Credit, available from your bank.

1. Upload files

Upload payment files directly from your system to our secure portal.

Saves time and reduces errors.

(You can manually enter details for adhoc payments)

2 Secure portal

Manage your files
View and amend individual lines in your file.

Authorise your files
An additional step for businesses that would like an additional approver.

3. Submit files

Check you're completely happy with your files.

Submit your files to Bacs, via our secure portal.

View submissions at any time.

4. Processed by Bacs

Security and validation checks.

Distribution to banks and building societies.

Confirmation your files have been processed.

5. Payments made

Payments made on a three-day cycle.

Day 1: Input and Bacs processing.

Day 2: Bank or building society processing.

Day 3: Payments credited to the recipients’ accounts and debited from your account.

6. Payment reports

Access transaction data going back 2 years.

Print off payment details to audit.

Older transaction data available on request from our archive.


Expertise and practical support on the phone from 8.30am to 7pm on all English banking days. All the advice you need at any stage of the process.

What does it cost?

We give you unlimited users and authorisers, and we have a clear cost structure:

One-off fee

A one-off set-up fee covers everything you'll need to get started.

Annual fee

An annual fee gives you unlimited access to the system and our support.

Per transaction

A per transaction fee.

How your business can benefit from Bacs Direct Credit

  • Quicker than preparing, checking and sending cheques and remittance advices.
  • You decide when each payment will be made, and you can submit (or recall) payment instructions up to 30 days before the payment date.
  • Improves your cashflow management – you know exactly when funds will leave your account.
  • Eliminates cheque postage costs.
  • Reduces reconciliation – a single debit from your account on a specified date.
  • Better payment terms – negotiate more favourable payment terms by paying more efficiently.

For a full introduction to the Bacs Direct Credit service, visit the Bacs website.

Bacs Direct Credit payments in the UK in an average minute

Bacs Direct Credit is overwhelmingly the most-used payment method among UK businesses, accounting for more than half of all business payments made in 2015. Over 90% of employees are paid by Bacs Direct Credit. (Payments UK, 2016).